Jim Watson Real Estate also provides Rental Management services for those investors wishing to minimize the demands of owning multiple properties. Rental Management is a detailed oriented business that offers both investors and tenants an easy line of communication, organization and location for collection. 

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(870) 598-3869
Rentals Available:
1 Bedroom:

Nothing available at this time.​

2 Bedroom:

Nothing available at this time.​

*Apartments Available

453 N. 7th - A4    2BR/1BA
$300 rent    $300 deposit

271 S Thornton    2BR/1BA
$550 rent    $550 deposit
3 Bedroom

243 E. Davis        3BR/1BA
$275 rent        $275 deposit

647 Circle Drive  3BR/2BA
$400 rent    $400 deposit
4 Bedroom:

Nothing Available​ at this time.